TEEGA Logistics

What are TEEGA Divisions?

TEEGA currently only has one Division which also is our “main Division”. It is called “TEEGA Logistics Global”. However we are planning on creating more Divisions as TEEGA Grows. Those are basically Sub-VTCs for specific Regions or Countries. An example for this would be “TEEGA Logistics Germany” which would be a Sub-VTC owned and managed by TEEGA, which would use the Systems and Paintjobs of TEEGA, but still have a seperate Team and seperate Drivers.

List of Divisions

TEEGA Logistics

TEEGA Logistics is the primiary division of TEEGA. It is english speaking and everyone can apply. It is also the main focus of TEEGA Logistics.

TEEGA Nederlands (Soon)

TEEGA Nederlands will be a division for all Dutch speaking countries such as The Netherlands, Belgium and multiple others.

TEEGA Deutschland (Soon)

TEEGA Deutschland will be a Division for all German speaking countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland and multiple others. It will also be one of the primary divisions, since german speaking countries make up a big part of the TruckersMP Community

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