TEEGA Logistics

What is TEEGA?

TEEGA Logistics is an english speaking virtual trucking company for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. TEEGA is a friendly community and is open for drivers from all around the world.

We understand that not everyone is always motivated to play ETS2 or ATS, so we only require you to log one Job each month and if you are still unable to do that, you can always contact the Human Resources Team.

To keep our Community together, we also host events regularly. Those events can be Convoys but also completely different things such as a Game Evening.

What is a VTC?

The Word “VTC” stands for “Virtual Trucking Company”. A Virtual Trucking Company is a Community of Users who play the Videogame(s) Euro Truck Simulator 2 and/or American Truck Simulator by the Developer SCS Software. Such Communities usually have a software which allows them to log all Jobs they’ve completed into a centralized Database for their VTC, so everyone can see who drove how much and who did which Jobs.